Computer Consulting Services

Computer Consulting Services


Eliminate office downtime and ensure your employees always have access to the productivity tools they need. Our help desk is here for your employees’ technical questions. With IT Monitoring, we catch and correct small problems before they snowball. Reliable IT Support and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, software patches, and continuous security and firewalls updates ensure reliability and keep the bad guys out. Fast server and computer repairs. You get peace of mind, and can focus on growing your business. With unlimited flat-rate support, costs are predictable. Already have I.T. help onsite? Just need help with the “heavy lifting?” Variable plans also available.

Our Philosophy is “plain english,” drop the Geek Speak.

Our consultants are communications focused, and have a genuine concern with your company’s well being – this is 100% critical. Today it is not enough to just be technically brilliant and cost effective with clients’ computers, servers, and network – consultants must also avoid “geek speak” and express themselves in terms clients can understand. You can feel comfortable with your information technology decisions, because we’ll always avoid the geek speak and make sure you understand your selections. Technology is not just about technology – We bridge the communications gap between the techies and the business people.

You should call us, even if you are satisfied with your current I.T. firm.

What you don’t know will hurt you … or at least it will benefit someone else while you lose out. Even if you are satisfied with your current I.T. firm, you should call us. Today you can do things with your servers and the cloud that used to be impossible our completely out-of-budget. Are your employees all connected, can key staff access anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere – securely and safely? Is everyone and everything synced? This was expensive. It’s not expensive now. We install new technology your current technology provider may not be aware of, unable to support, or unwilling to support (a lot of these technologies replace expensive servers and support contracts).

Some questions…
These can help you identify key impacting technology deficiencies.

Is your current technology provider keeping themselves up-to-date?

Are they sharing cost-reducing technologies with you?

Are you getting all of the options for a new project, or could another point-of-view help?

Are you taking advantage of all of your existing technology?

Are you bugs and glitches slowing you down?

Are you getting a fast response when you need it?

Are you simply “missing something,” or know you could be doing something better, but not exactly sure what it might be?

These are all good reasons to call.

Stop! Call us immediately if you are …

Making any changes to your server
Considering the “cloud”
Not happy with your current provider
Nearing the end of a support contract
Not sure how you get data back after a crash, or if you have never recently tested your backup system

We specialize in serving businesses with …

3 to 75 employees
1 or more servers
up to 9 office locations
PCs, Servers, and Laptops
Smart phones