Regular Clients

Are you already one of our managed technology customers, or a A. F. Daniel Technology Group, Inc. member?

Download and install unattended remote control on your computer for the full support experience.

Casual Client

Is this your first time with us using remote support? Or are we just making a quick adjustment for you? Need some fast support without installing remote control host software on your computer?

Did you know…?  There are two kinds of remote technical support.

Unattended Remote Support

With unattended remote technical support we provide free software allowing us to remotely diagnose and repair problems or perform scheduled preventative maintenance. With a very simple to set up and no monthly access charges for the software, it is also super secure with military grade encryption. Effectively, we become makes your outsourced I.T. department. With Unattended Support, we can access your computers any time. Simply call in a service request. Also, you can set up routine service with us – we can run preventative maintenance very affordably with unattended support at a fraction of the cost of an onsite call.

On Demand Remote Support

With on demand remote technical support, we provide you with a single-use code. Use this code to invite us in to your computer and we can share your screen, keyboard, and mouse to repair your computer or provide you with any training you’d like. With On Demand Remote support, you are in control and must be with your desktop, laptop, or server for us to help you.